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Shayna Boyce: ★★★★★

This is the best decision I ever made for my dogs by working with Bianca to get them trained. My two pom/spitz dogs are what I like to call "COVID dogs" .. so they were born and raised in COVID and weren't socialized with people and other dogs. With a deeper understanding of their breed, I do understand that they will always be yappers and the self-designated security (lol), but through this training I have been able to build a deep bond with my dogs that I didn't have before.

So far, we have successfully gotten them crate trained (and they love their crates), half way through clicker training, still busy with reactivity training (they really hate the oven and vacuum LOL)... but the big stage we're in at the moment is socialising them.. now when I take them to the vet they go up to people to smell them, they're inquisitive and curious about things (whereas before they would just bark and back away from everyone) - and just last week we had our first session WITH Bianca's dog Hakuna - and by the end of the session they were all running around off-leash and happy as pigs in mud.

For anyone who wasn't able to get their dogs trained during COVID, it's never too late. The little activities and exercises that I now do with my floofs makes such a world of a difference! You will have zero regrets. Lastly I'd like to add that you will 100% trust and have faith in Bianca's skills and knowledge of dog training - she knows her work and you'll see it in your dogs too! Very happy!!

Gabriella Maudlin: ★★★★★

Bianca is so professional and since having a consultation with her, I’ve been using the advice she gave me and have seen such a change in the behaviour of my dogs. The tips she gave me have really helped around the house and have massively improved the relationship between both our dogs and us, with there being less tension!!

I couldn’t recommend somebody more than her!!

Gabriela Moreira Stewart: ★★★★★

Bianca is amazing! She is well informed, calm, and really knows what she’s doing when it comes to training and caring for animals.

We’ve had her help us on numerous occasions with our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and she has honestly proven to be the best!

Annemie van Wyk: ★★★★★

We've been using Basic Canine Training for almost 2 months, and we can already see an improvement in our dogs' behavior. Bianca thinks ahead of the smallest things (like incorporating our baby pram into the dog walks before the baby is born), and both she and her assistant Martin are very reliable. Looking forward to calmer walks with our two Labradors!

Brenda Barkhuizen: ★★★★★

Bianca is absolutely excellent with animals, as didn’t think our old boy could learn new tricks but she taught how to walk well on a leash opposed to us being dragged along and fighting the entire way. Now we get to all enjoy an our walk. Thank you B.

Jade Nicolopoulos: ★★★★★

Bianca has been phenomenal with my fur babies! Her gentle approach and kindness have made my dogs and cats welcome her to look after them when I go on trips as well as groom them.

Rickey Promnitz: ★★★★★

Excellent service, my doggo is now well trained and most of all happy. He loves his weekly walks and monthly cleans but most of all he loves the trainers and even gets well looked after when I am away.

Mishael Se'mei de Beer: ★★★★★

Basic Canine Training know their stuff. They are friendly and well equip to care for and train any dog.

Jennifer Petzer: ★★★★★

Bianca is an excellent trainer. She is patient with her clients as well as the dogs.

Michal Oster: ★★★★★

Bianca is a life saver. She has helped us so much. We can now be better dog parents thanks to her. Would highly recommend.

Bianca Fogolin: ★★★★★

Will def recommend Bianca and her team. Also for pet sitting. They looked after my 17 year old with heart condition without any problems.

Robyn Mooney: ★★★★★

Bianca has helped so much to help train my Jack Russel after rehoming him. She was so helpful throughout the process, checks in often, is always willing to help and is always just a message away to help with any concerns. My fur baby is so much calmer, more obedient and is more confident! I highly recommend Bianca!

Harcourts Kempen: ★★★★★

Professional service, love the enthusiasm and really great with animals!

Dave Promnitz: ★★★★★

Very efficient and very helpful my dawgs are clean and neat

Roula Stavrinos: ★★★★★

Jason Wills: ★★★★★

Kelsey Boshoff: ★★★★★

Jesse Nielsen: ★★★★★

Jessica - The Body Model: ★★★★★

Martin Mpofu: ★★★★★