Training Courses

1] General Obedience:

Master the basic commands and behaviours necessary for a well-trained and well-mannered dog.

2] Training Fundamentals at Home:

Learn effective training techniques in the comfort of your own home, fostering a positive learning environment for your furry companion.

3] Reactivity and Behaviour Conditioning:

Address reactivity issues and modify unwanted behaviours through specialised conditioning techniques.

4] Puppy Basics and Socializing:

Give your puppy the best start in life by teaching them essential skills and helping them socialize with other dogs and people.

5] Separation Anxiety & Stress Reduction:

Address separation anxiety and help your dog cope with stress, promoting a more relaxed and confident demeanor.

6] Crate Training and Confidence Building:

Utilize crate training to provide your dog with a safe space and build their confidence in various situations.

7] Rescue Rehabilitation (Counter-Conditioning):

Assist rescued dogs in overcoming past traumas and negative associations through counter-conditioning methods.